July 4, 2015 Vintage Heights Neighborhood
Parade and Celebration  at Mendoza Park

THANK YOU Dunkin’ Donuts (5815 S 85th St, Lincoln, NE) for your donation of donuts
to help get our event off to the right start!

Our Balloon Artist was “Shades the Clown” (
Our Bounce House was from “Party Inflators” (
Our face painters were from “Funtastic Faces” (email:

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DSC_2084HOA-July4-13  DSC_2092HOA-July4-15  DSC_2075HOA-July4-12

DSC_2086HOA-July4-14  DSC_2055HOA-July4-11

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DSC_2135HOA-July4-24 DSC_2154HOA-July4-23 DSC_2155HOA-July4-25 DSC_2163HOA-July4-26 DSC_2168HOA-July4-27 DSC_2170HOA-July4-28 DSC_2172HOA-July4-29 DSC_2183HOA-July4-30 HOA-July4-1

Spring 2015 in the Vintage Heights Neighborhood

Vh-hoa5sm-600Walking biking trail through Mendoza Park

Vh-hoa10sm-600 The Picnic Shelter at Mendoza Park

Vh-hoa11sm-600 The newly installed trail water fountain

Vh-hoa16sm-600 Enjoying the trail along Antelope Creek

Vh-hoa20sm-600 Antelope Creek near Mendoza Park

Vh-hoa-sm-600 Two ducks, Antelope Creek wetlands