The west entrance to Vintage Heights near 84th Street and Laroche Road.  Photo:  Ken Dewey

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Are you interested in building a new home in Vintage Heights?
New home construction is currently taking place in our 32nd Addition.  Check out the following link to see which lots are still available for building.

Vintage Heights 32nd Addition Lot Availability as of September 2, 2017

Vintage Heights Landscape Committee:

Agenda for VHHOA Landscape Committee Meeting Wednesday September 13th 7-8:30PM at Kloefkorn School:  Pollinator Greenway – what have we accomplished?  Still do do:  seeding , cypress trees, rain gardens or rain chain, watering.  Re-Tree Nebraska — we received a grant for 10-15 trees.  Planting Saturday, September 30 starrting at 1pm.  Ash tree replacement program– targeted for October 15 this fall.  Legacy fund for ash tree replacement program.  Adjoining area with Boulder Ridge – getting an estimate from Greenstreak which Boulder Ridge developer indicted he is willing to help.

Next Landscape Meeting: October 11, 2017 at Kloefkorn School 7-8:30pm August 9, 2017

Vintage Heights Tree Trail
Check out our tree trail page:  http://treetrail.vintageheights.net/

Wednesday, April 19, 2017: Pollinator Greenway Tree Planting
Trees were planted by Great Plains Nursery on Wednesday April 19. If you have some time you might want to drop by to see how it is going (just west of the Mendoza Park). In the upcoming weeks we will be doing more planting of grasses and flowers.  Even if you can come for an hour it’s amazing how much can be accomplished. 

Our Neighborhood Annual Meeting was held on April 6, 2017:

Thank you Tonya Jolley, Principal, Kloefkorn Elementary School for hosting our annual HOA meeting!

Meeting summary:
Total attendance 71. Food donated by Fireworks Restaurant, beverage and Chips provided by the HOA. Kloeffkorn Principal Tonya Jolly reported the school, which opened in 2012, is at capacity with 506 students registered for next fall.  There are no currents plans to enlarge the school. The Lincoln Police Southeast Team Captain Michael Woolman and Detective John Walsh reported on the current boundaries of the SE team, the crime rate in and around Vintage Heights (which is very low!), and encouraged all to lock parked cars and close garage doors.  The SE LPD team is getting a new joint police/fire station at 6601 Pine Lake Road to be constructed in 2018 and opened by Jan 2019.  Chuck LaFollette asked for volunteers to take over the Neighborhood Watch program in the neighborhood.  Dan Wheeler, along with John and Sean Carroll, updated the group on the activities of the arboretum and tree identification through a GPS website and phone app.  The trail has 46 varieties of trees and 20 have been identified with a “post” and are featured on the website and app.  The plan is to have 50-75 trees identified in the near future.  We had 4 outgoing board members that needed to be replaced and we had 4 candidates running for the board.  A motion was made to “elect the slate by acclamation.”  The motion was adopted unanimously.  The new members of the 9 member VHHOA board are:  Steve Hankins, Ashraf Aly Hassan, Kerry Hartz, and Stanton Beeder.  See the listing off the complete board in the “About Us tab” above. President Dan Wheeler reviewed the accomplishments of the past year such as the pollinator garden, the arboretum, tree planting, clean-up, adult exercise equipment at Mendoza Park, the city plan for removal of ash trees in the right of way, the new addition along 98th Street, etc.  Residents were encouraged to participate in the landscaping committee and other annual events.  Treasurer  Bob Torell reviewed the current financial state of the VHHOA.  The HOA continues to maintain a healthy reserve account.

ALLO construction in Vintage Heights:
The VHHOA Board visited with Robert Everett, Director of Operations for Bauer Underground, Inc earlier this year so that we could have updates on the project. Bauer Underground had the contract to put the ALLO  fiber optic technology High Speed Internet into the entire Vintage Heights neighborhood.  The  directional drilling is completed and they are finishing up putting the fiber optics cable into the tubing that was installed underground. ALLO has begun to connect individual homes to the network and individual homeowners will need to contact ALLO directly if they want to be connected to the ALLO network.  Mr. Everett assured the board that he will fix any problems to the homeowner’s satisfaction should there be any remaining damage to property or lawns.. 

Vintage Heights Ash Tree replacements:
The Emerald Ash Borer is an exotic, invasive, wood-boring insect that infests and kills native North American Ash trees. This insect has reached the east edge of Lincoln and poses an imminent treat to the Ash trees in Lincoln. Vintage Heights has joined the city of Lincoln Ash Tree replacement program.  Vintage Heights has 195 Ash trees in the right of way (parkway between the sidewalk and the street) which are eligible for replacement, courtesy of the city.   Any Ash tree on the private property (that is not between the street and the sidewalk) will be the homeowner’s responsibility with no assistance from the city.  Look for more information here in the coming months. The city has marked the trees scheduled for removal in May and June.

Featured Recent Event:
Saturday, October 29, 1:00-3:00pm, Fall Clean-up.
It was perfect Fall weather with sunny skies, mild temperatures and a gentle breeze for our Fall clean-up. Thank you all the Vintage Heights volunteers who helped out and thank you all of Vintage Heights for your efforts throughout the year to keep Mendoza Park and the Billy Wolfe Trail and Stevens Creek free of litter. Here are some photos.
dsc_9164d7200fb6  dsc_9155d7200fb6 dsc_9143d7200fb6  dsc_9175d7200fb6 dsc_9195d7200fb6

Recent Vintage Heights News:
1. Vintage Heights Fall 2016 Newsletter
2. Vintage Heights Annual Fall tree planting (October 8, 2016)
3. Vintage Heights Nature Day (September 24, 2016)
4. July 4th 2016 Vintage Heights Festival and Parade
5. Vintage Heights HOA Annual Meeting Thursday, April 7, 2016
6. Welcome to our new HOA board Members
7. Spring neighborhood clean up Saturday, April 2, 2016
8. Spring VHHOA Newsletter
New addition Update
10. What do our HOA Dues pay for?

Vintage Heights landscaping Committee
12. Environmental Improvement Projects Updates
Want to see the last year (2015) Vintage Heights News? >>>   Click Here

1. Our Current FALL 2016 Newsletter is available at the following link:

Previous Newsletters can be found at the following link:
Vintage Heights Newsletter Archive


2. Vintage Heights Annual Fall Tree Planting
VHHOA continues to participate in the Re-Tree Nebraska program and has secured grants resulting in the planting of 88 trees of 37 species over the past 6 years along the Billy Wolfe trail in Vintage Heights. Lincoln Parks and Rec digs the holes for us and they provide mulch. Our  Fall 2016 tree planting of 25 trees took place on Saturday, October 8, from 1:00-2:30pm. We could not have asked for better weather, temperatures were in the low 70’s and the skies were clear.

LINK: Photos of our VHHOA Oct. 8, 2016 Tree Planting


3. Vintage Heights Nature Day

dsc_2545d7200sm6  sept24-2016flyer
LINK: Nature Day Information Flyer

Mendoza Park Shelter, Saturday September 24, 2016, was the site of the Vintage Heights first  ever “Nature Day”.  It was also the Vintage Heights Arboretum Dedication and Pollinator Greenway Recognition ceremony.

The VHHOA Nature Day celebration was a chance for residents to celebrate VHHOA becoming an affiliate of the Nebraska State-wide Aboretum. A number of activities were highlighted including the tree identification tour, a pollinator grant to develop the area west of Antelope Creek next to Fontaine Rd and materials from the various groups emphasizing various aspects of nature. The highlight was Raptor Recovery who had a Great Horned Owl and Screech Owl which generated a lot of enthusiasm and questions. Mother Nature did have her way as unfortunately we did get rained on but took refuge in the Mendoza Park shelter (lots of good discussion while we were waiting for the rain to let up). The State-wide Arboretum planted a Large-toothed Aspen on the south side of the playground. There was some discussion this could be an annual event.  THANK you Dan Wheeler as well as Diana Wheeler and Deb Dahlke, co-chairs of the event for your help in making this event so successful.

Here is a link to some photos taken at the event (they include an example of the signs that we are putting along the trail noting the various types of trees in our Vintage Heights Arboretum. And a big thank you to John Carroll for your efforts in getting these signs created and placed along the trail.

LINK to Nature Day Photos: Vintage Heights Nature Day 2016 Photos


4. Mendoza Park Shelter, Monday July 4, 2016, was the location for our annual July 4th celebration and parade.   We had treats, games, prizes, a bouncy house, a balloon maker, a face painter, and more. We had many decorated your bikes, scooters, big wheels, wagons, trikes, etc. Prizes for decorations were awarded during the parade. A fire truck and police car led the parade starting on Benziger Dr. LINK to our July 4, 2016 Photo Gallery.

Img_1983r JULY4-19 Img_2670 JULY4-18

5.  Our annual meeting of the Vintage Heights Home Owners Association took place at Kloefkorn Elementary School on Thursday April 7, 2016 with a complimentary light meal provided by Fireworks restaurant. Here is a link to a review of the activities in Vintage Heights during the past year: Vintage Heights Year 2015-16 in Review
6.  An election for board members was held at our annual meeting of the Vintage Heights Home Owners Association on Thursday April 7, 2016.  Welcome to our new board members Jane Heinz and Adam Ickes. The HOA board is sorry to say goodbye to Adam who moved with his family out of Vintage Heights in august.  We welcome Darlene Zerr to the HOA board.
7. Our annual Spring neighborhood clean up along the Billy Wolfe Trail and along the creek took place on Saturday, April 2, 2016.  Volunteers met at the Mendoza Park shelter at 1pm and headed in two groups north and south gathering trash into bags
. Our area of clean-up ran from Old Cheney Road to Pine Lake Road. Thirteen people participated including one child and worked up to 3 hours. The weather was clear, sunny and about 60 degrees. Antelope Creek had a low, clear water flow.

 We collected 10 bags of trash containing mostly plastic bags, pop and beer cans, junk food wrappers and construction materials (boxes, Styrofoam and other housing materials). The construction materials are blowing down and floating down from the new Boulder Ridge Annex upstream. We also uncovered some old metal cans and car materials on the border with Boulder Ridge.

Thanks again to the Water Quality Program for providing the bags, gloves and picker-uppers. Ken Dewey, member of the Board, took pictures (see below).  Our next clean-up will be in October with the date still to be determined. 

Proud of our Vintage Heights residents for keeping the trail clean & preserving our home values.

DSC_7764d7200sm3  DSC_7766d7200sm3  DSC_7777d7200sm3  DSC_7797d7200sm3
8. Our Spring 2016 Newsletter is available at the following link:

Previous Newsletters can be found at the following link:
Vintage Heights Newsletter Archive


9.  The 32nd Addition Update. A zoning request was posted last fall (2015) for development of a parcel of land extending along 98th street on the east, Old Cheney Road on the north and Napa Ridge Dr., on the south.  Several board members and VHHOA legal counsel attended the zoning hearing with stated conditions for support of this initiative on January 20, 2016 where this request was approved.  It was brought before the Lincoln City Council for approval on Monday, March 14 and approved. Several HOA board members and VHHOA legal counsel attended this meeting. Approval was based upon three conditions 1. the homeowners in this new addition would abide by the existing Vintage Heights Covenants; 2. the lots in the new addition would be the same size or larger than the existing lots in Vintage Heights and 3.  the cost and maintenance of the sewage lift station for this development (Vintage Heights 32nd Addition) would be the responsibility of only the residents of this addition and not the rest of the Vintage Heights Neighborhood Association.

Hampton Development Services (HDS) prepared the land in the 32nd addition for development during May-October 2016.  As of early October 2016 they are nearing completion of installing the drainage system and all of the utilities. Roads will be created soon.  The area will be ready for building soon.  Individual housing development lots are now available for purchase. 

Information can be found at:Vintage Heights 32nd Addition Lot Availability 3-14-17

Panoramic view looking east from inside the 32nd Addition. Photo 10-8-16
A close up view shows that drainage culverts are in place as well as fireplugs.
inside the 32nd Addition. Photo 10-8-16

Looking north from near 98th and Napa Ridge Dr. at the 32nd Addition. Photo 9-11-16
Looking west from 98th Street at the extension of Forest Glen Drive. Photo 9-11-16


10. What do our Vintage Heights annual Homeowners Association dues pay for?

Click on this link to read about this:  Vintage Heights Annual Homeowners Association Dues


11. Vintage Heights Landscaping Committee

The Landscaping Committee held its first meeting on January 27th and has been meeting monthly. We invite you to be a part of this group which plans, develops and maintains landscaping improvements. A prime example is the planting of 90 trees of 29 varieties over the last five years. Other upcoming improvements include: signage for our trees, landscaping to enhance entrances to Billy Wolfe Trail and planting of more sustainable  grasses in some of our areas. If you are interested, please contact Dan Wheeler (dwheeler1@unl.edu) or (402) 570-6126.

The next Landscape Committee Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 12, 2016: 7-8:30 PM at Kloefkorn Media Center. Agenda for the October 12th Meeting:  Finalizing plans for Pollinator Greenway – Dan & Mark Canney;  Planning for mulching of all the trees; Putting up our Arboretum and Pollinator Garden signs; Trail & Creek Clean-up – October 29th.

DSC_5342d7200hoa3  DSC_5367d7200hoa3
The Vintage Heights Landscape Committee met on Saturday, March 5, 2016.
Our consultant Dr. David Wedin, UNL, gave us advice on landscape options for our commons


12. Vintage Heights Environmental Improvement Projects
Vintage Heights Bio Swail Project

DSC_2449d7200ssm2 DSC_0937hoa dsc00639s-sm1
Installation of a Bio Swail near Premier Psychiatric to deter water runoff over the Billy Wolfe Bike trail is complete. HOA board members have monitored this area during recent rainfalls and the Bio Swail is performing as expected. The three photos are November 2015;  April 2016; and September 2016. For more information see our Fall 2015 Newsletter and our Fall 2016 Newsletter

Vintage Heights  Blackstone Retention Cell Project
Work is completed on the installation of a rain garden to gain more water absorption and to cleanse water runoff efficiency in the Blackstone Road Detention Cell.  Work on this project was halted earlier in the year due to wet and colder weather. Recent heavy rains have washed away some of this project Repairs will be made and some small areas reseeded toward the end of Summer.  For more information see our Fall 2015 Newsletter and our  Fall 2016 Newsletter.



NOTICE:  Is your property adjacent to one of our commons areas? If you would like to landscape into the commons you will need to submit a request for a “landscape  license”. Here are two relevant links:

Rules and Regulations Regarding Vintage Heights Common Areas
Vintage Heights Homeowners Association Commons License

Send  any suggestions for content that you would like to see at this web site along to our webmaster:  kdewey1@unl.edu